Petstages Fishy Fun Catnip Dental Toy 2pk


It is always a pleasure to watch the activities of cat. It is very brisk and plays with papers and other dangerous products. For your cat, you have to choose safe and best toy to play and you have Petstages Fishy Fun Cat Toy – 2 Pack, for your cat.

This fishy toy is really beautiful and filled with the catnip and stalks for the best aroma. In fact, this particular smell is the favorite of cats. This is the best toy to your cat to chew for better dental health.

By crunching and chewing the toy, your cat cleans its teeth and maintains hygienic teeth. The toy is covered with Nylon, which is highly durable. It would not run, even the cat chews and bites many times. The crinkle fins are beautifully decorated and this is the area, which would attract your cat for chewing. The tail is with multicolor ribbons and this is another attraction for your cat to play. You should not allow your cat to lay idle. If your cat is busy with playing or eating or running, it would be with perfect health condition.