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Poodle palace & pet boutique

The former owner, Laura has retired after dedicating 52 years of being a master groomer to all her beloved furry customers. But the spirit of Poodle Palace will carry on! CYNJO will bring in new products, events, and continue to perfect the grooming experiences for all pets to ensure this location is still the best grooming salon in town!

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Our little adventure started in 2014 as a distributor for innovative pet products in Miami. The company name CYNJO is a combination of the founders, Cynthia & Jo. After trying all different aspect of the pet industry, we enjoy being able to interact with furry ones first hand the most! Therefore we combined all the experiences we have and opened Jorona Park - The all inclusive dog water park. This park is named after our beloved furry ones, Jojo the westie and Corona the golden. We kept the name CYNJO as the pet boutique inside our 10 acre dog water park. Featuring 2 dog pools, a pet restaurant, boutique, grooming salon, self-pet wash stations and all fenced land for furry ones to run freely and safely.

So why are we here in St Pete Beach all the sudden? Our baby boy Corona passed away at age 13 last Christmas in Miami. No words could describe how heartbroken we were. We began to travel a lot, went through cities after cities to find a place that we can feel like home again. Then we found this pet store in St Pete Beach for sale. And just like a voice inside our head telling us that we need to start something new. Something we knew very well what to do but also a brand new adventure in a city we hope that will become HOME.

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We care about your pet just like how we care about ours

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We typically start all full grooming trims at $65 & up and all baths at $45 & up. We will suggest maintenance schedules for your pet. Typically every 2-8 weeks based on coat type and breed. Ask us about our guidelines for puppies, senior pets and pets that get hand stripped.  If you would like a better idea of cost, please don’t hesitate to bring your pet in for a free consultation!


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to ensure every furry customer gets the best care and haircut, we don't like to rush the grooming process or overbook ourselves. We aim to have quality over quantity!

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