Multipet Loofa Water Bottle Buddy Dog Toy 11-Inch


Multipet's Latest Loofa is now available. The new Floppy Loofa dog toy is very unique and innovatove because not only is it filled with a plastic bottle. The cap on the water bottle "SQUEAKS". Yourdog will love the combination of two sounds with the crinkle from the bottle and the squeak from the cap. This is not designedto be a dog toy where you can replace the bottle. The toy also ships in one of 5 assorted colors so there is a chance you will not receive the color of your choice, but your dog will not mind because this toy is so much fun for them. The Floppy loofa Water Bottle Buddies shipin Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange or Pink and new colors as the seasons change. You will get one Loofa dog toy when you order.