Hemp Centrix Topical Cream ( 250mg, 1oz )


Does your pet suffer from skin irritation, inflammation, discomfort, hot spots, and bug bites? Nature’s Pet Herbals CBD Topical Cream may be the solution you need to help your pet ease any discomfort they may be feeling. 

This container has 250 MG of pure CBD soothing cream. Our customers have purchased this product to help their pets with reduced stress response and soothing skin irritation related to insect bites as well as itchy, flaking skin. This topical cream may be able to help with healing. Additionally, this CBD topical cream may be able to help your pet with aches and joint relief.

Pet owners have been known to use CBD products to help their pets with a variety of ailments and issues, and our topical cream is no different. If your pet is in discomfort, help ease their pain with CBD Topical Cream from Nature’s Pet Herbals.