Four Paws Keep Off! 10 oz Indoor and Outdoor Cat & Dog Repellent


Keep Off!® is a great way to train animals to stay away from off-limits areas! Keep Off!® products provide pet parents with an easy, efficient way to train pets to stay out of designated areas Indoor use keeps pets away from furniture, carpets, trees, garbage cans and bags, household plants and more Outdoor use keeps pets away from flower beds, outdoor shrubbery and more Unique formula repels dogs and cats from treated areas for up to 24 hours when applied daily For indoor and outdoor use Ready to use 10-ounce aerosol Do you want to train your cat or dog to stay away from and off of areas you want to keep protected? Four Paws Keep Off!® Repellent is the perfect aid for training dogs and cats to stay off furniture, draperies, counters, table tops, household plants, outdoor shrubbery and more. Repels for up to 24 hours when applied daily. Effective indoors and outdoors. 10 oz. Aerosol (284 g).