Gen7Pets Pet Roller Carrier Large Red Geometric


For pet parents on the go, the Roller-Carrier takes innovation and fashion to the next level. Whether running errands, traveling or enjoying the great outdoors with your cat or dog, the Gen7Pets Roller-Carrier with Smart-Level Platform provides a smart, secure and safe experience for you and your pet. Unlike other wheeled carriers, Gen7Pets Smart-Level Platform keeps your pet from tipping over as the carrier is pulled from behind. Available in two convenient sizes for pets up to 20 pounds, the Roller-Carrier easily maneuvers in and out of stores, without disruption to other shoppers. With top and front access doors, two mesh side windows for airflow and an interior safety tether you can relax, knowing your pet is comfortably enjoying the ride-along. Side storage pockets make it easy to pack leashes, treats and toys. As added convenience, the Roller-Carrier quickly becomes a backpack, making it easy to safely travel up stairs, escalators or over rough terrain and with our Smart-Comfort pads the carrier quickly becomes your pets home away from home. Available in medium and large.


Colors: Black Geometric, Red Geometric, Zebra, and Links.

For Medium Size: Interior

Dimensions: 15.5" tall x 8.5" deep x 13.5" wide.

Carrier Weight: 6.2 lbs.

Overall Dimensions: 19"tall x 10.5"deep x 16.5" wide.

Colors: Black Geometric, Red Geometric, Zebra, and Links.

Maximum weight 10 lbs. For Large Size: Interior Dimensions: 15" tall x 9" deep x 16" wide.

Carrier Weight: 6.8 lbs. Overall Dimensions: 18.5" tall x 11.5" deep x 18.5" wide.