SquarePet Veterinarian Formulated Solutions Hydrolyzed Protein Skin and Digestive Support Dry Dog Food, Help with Hot Spots, Itchiness Pork Flavor, 4.4 Lbs


SquarePet™ VFS Skin & Digestive Support formula for dogs is a unique, limited ingredient diet made with a similar type of hydrolyzed protein that you would find in top veterinary diets. Similar to proteins used in some infant formulas, hydrolyzed proteins are proteins that have been broken down into smaller (nano-sized) components. The result is an exceptionally digestible protein source that may go undetected by the immune system during digestion. This could be beneficial for those special dogs that may be sensitive to common pet food ingredients. Limited ingredient hydrolyzed pork formula Novel single source protein in a limited ingredient diet Essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids including DHA & EPA Complete and balanced nutrition for any adult dog All-natural nutrition – no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives & no ingredients from China Made in the USA Veterinarian formulated


Key Benefits

-Hydrolyzed Protein As The #1 Ingredient,
-Insanely Great Taste,
-Supports Skin & Digestive Health,
-Essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids including DHA & EPA Complete and balanced Diet
-No Artificial Flavors Or Preservatives,
-All Natural Nutrition.